Monday, December 6, 2010


My new blog will be here
I need a fresh start and its no longer private, I want to share my tatting and life not let it open to just a select group of people.
Hope to see you all over there

Friday, December 3, 2010

took the plunge...

I did it. I set aside my thoughts and did this. I made a video of myself. I am still not real happy with how I look and stuff but, I am me, you all know and love me for who I am not my looks or my weight.
Someone (cant recall who offhand) asked about a video on using and winding my 3 hole and other shuttles.
Here it is.
Any and all thoughts would be appreciated: should it be a bit better? its a little over 9 minutes

Friday, November 26, 2010


That's me HA HA!! Heck no I could not, nor do I have a desire to ever be like a princess. Anyways Here is the latest creation FINALLY perfected its been over a week in the working. the 3rd try was ok but too curvey but actually 4th try is how far it went and I am satisfied with how that looks. I used some pretty icicle garland that seriously looks like a real icicle I LOVE IT!!! My mind is on creative over load right now, I am trying to fight it, I need to work on Christmas presents.

 Thanksgiving was ok... My son was sick. My feelings got hurt but I should be used to that.

Off to tat some more :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tatting Tea Tuesday & My Birthday Too :D

Today is my day. Despite the yukky cold and rainy dreary and howling windy day, it was great. I tatted for awhile and came up with something, now this is only the 1st draft but its going to be a SPIDER no not the creepy halloweenish ones this one will be more delicate and pretty I have had this idea for awhile to work on the Legends of Christmas. Some are made up, some are true. Who cares really they are fun stories SPIDER can be found here and peek around that whole site, pretty neat things on there.

Despite the fact that I am enjoying my day of peace, I cant wait until my kids and husband are home. I miss them. I got supper nearly done, we are having fire roasted chicken and shell pasta with veggies (sort of a pasta salad minus the meat and cheese) Dishes are done, laundry is near done for the day, etc...

My dogs are cuddled up with me at the moment I love the little stinkers and how they just love unconditionally are are happy if they get a scrap of food from the table. They always know when its a special day or when you are feeling blue.

My parents got me for my birthday an artificial tree its BLUE my favorite color. My kids made me cards and ornaments. I got tons of birthday wishes on here and facebook and in my email which makes me so happy and feel so loved. THANKS!!!
I got some more things in the mail. cant wait to experiment with it hee hee

Debbie brought me a nice birthday present.
Beads, Mountain Dew and Cheesecake. THANKS DEBBIE!!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010


Its Monday. WOW my day went fast today, sheesh!!
I have been busy tatting ALOT!
Getting into too many things with tatting also. What is wrong with me perhaps its Tatting A.D.D. who knows lol

Thursday and Friday Debbie was here with her son Chris. OMG what a great time we all had between my kids being goof balls Thursday night and us all being crazy Friday I was so sore from laughing it was GREAT FUN!!

Saturday my mom had a wonderful dinner for me and a delightful lemon poppyseed cake too. I loved it and I thank you MOM :0)

Hubby has been being his usuall cheery self (sarcasm), no birthday present from him, BLAH to that, I wanted to talk to a certain person who in the past has always been there for me and I am there for them. But I think for the last year or so they are no longer there for me, I just need to face it, sometimes those are the hardest things to do. I know we all get older, grow up and move on but I feel things like this shouldnt go on at times.

I got my new beads I ordered I mistakenly thought they were teardrop beads but they in fact are farfalle beads and I was delightfully pleased I cant wait to figure something out with these

I got some of that cheap bead garland and some cheap necklaces and cut them apart and came up with some cutesy little dragonflies

This is my latest design, on ArtFire & Etsy I am only selling the pendant on a necklace of wire bead etc... but this one will be custom order I even messed around with some photos which I am a bit pleased with. An altered photo of me is usually a good one HA HA

Any whoo that shall conclude this final post of my 33 years on the Earth and begin again tomorrow (hopefully) in the beginning of the 34th year of life. Its only a number its getting bigger but hey we all gotta get older.