Monday, September 27, 2010

Well Hello Stranger...

Despite being busy and discovering new things, I was without internet for awhile nearly a month, allthough I missed you all very much, I enjoyed the silence and avoided temptation of getting online to just look at 1 more thing... My customers have been more then understanding with my not being able to get online and check orders...

Alot has been going on, good and bad and sad. I am not getting into all of it now because as I have heard people say I am either a drama queen a bit*h or a "i dont know what you call it" so if you know me you know what all I am referring to... Lately I know I have lost some people in my life not death but in a way it feels like that, I was so close to these people and I just didnt want to face how they were until it happened in front of me and in front of my kiddos, I am so thankful for my best friend who listens to me complain all the time... David wants another job (AGAIN) I got upset because I know what happened last time he got in this funk and I DO NOT want to do it again, I cant... He said to me last night "I will just go to Harrisburg" I said "then you will never be home" He looked at me strangely and replied "you HAVE your own job" and then went to sleep... I spent the next few hours trying not to explode into a fit of tears, I actually caught myself holding my breath. He told me this morning he was only saying that. Either way it made me feel sad.

Nate had his med appointment on Friday I got lost going there and coming from Johnstown, it wasnt fun AT ALL I got scared, it was horrible.
Saturday Shannan had her 1st sleepover, we survived, the girl is so nice and sweet.

Onto other things now
Friday evening I was outside drinking a beer with hubby and chatting I stepped on what I thought was just a rock and in fact it was the grill to his backhoe and it slammed down on my foot, this is 3 days later with the chilly wet weather its sore today... Dont mind my freakishly large toes, or my ape toes as I call them LOL

I spent some time with Brucie I dont get out to see him alot so I left him run one day while I threw his ball around. Here he was pooped out HA HA!

Ginger is ready for Halloween, isnt she a cutie

I have been working on shuttles of all kinds I cant wait to do my GREAT REVEAL of what I am doing...

I have been doing more tatting on the wooden pieces this is my favorite

I made a necklace using one of my other designs

And of course photos were taken

 I now have my own semi-organized craft corner, in a fit one day I made everyone clean up and re arrange the house hee hee, cheap labor ;) Its nice I always tell the kids that mommy needs a time out ;)

Until next post

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God's Kid said...

The tatted pendants look great! I love the different colors! :)