Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wednesday~ A new day right?

Finally the phone was working properly this morning I got to talk to my mom :D


Anyways enough of that crap!!! On to other things, I am really ON TO OTHER THINGS, too many things at the moment lol I just got some other supplies in the mail so I was experimenting this morning lol just what I need is more things to try and do... I made a set of custom shuttles again this morning I love what I do... I did add thread to the shop the other day, Summer Brights & Is'Dihara's Dream...

Ohhh and tatting
Lookie what I did with one of those wooden necklace pendant pieces


Isa said...

Beautiful! I love it***
Isa from south of Scandinavia.. said...

I would love to know what pattern this is. Its actually killing me with curiousity. But that's not the point. Alot of blood, sweat and carpal tunnel go goes into designing. I've given myself tendinitis working on a design and I'm sure you have too.
Credit needs to be given where credit is deserved. If she sells something you've designed she needs to give you credit. Bottom line.

God's Kid said...

The pendants look great! And I saw Summer Brights & Is'Dihara's Dream in your shop and I love them! They are beautiful and bright! :)