Saturday, March 14, 2009

SPOILED...who me??

Yes hubby has spoiled me AGAIN! Today was his birthday, he got money for his birthday, so he decided to buy me a printer/scanner/copier, I needed a new scanner and a new printer... I really didnt want him to get it because it was his birthday money. I love it it works better than my old one ever did even when it was new, I just sat here and figured my old printer scanner and computer are about 9 years old. I guess I was about due for another.

Daves sister came in and treated us to Applebees, I felt really bad my stomach was not in the mood to eat, I think it was the monster headache I had gotten I barely ate my lunch but after the nauseating ride home and some tylenol and a bit of a rest I was fine, so we went to walmart then.

David and I had our eye appointments today my eyes got worse :( i hate it but hey whatever lol it was to be the 1 hour thing BUT the machine was down so we left without our glasses which makes me a bit upset because it is about 25 miles from my house to lenscrafters, but there is the next weekend I guess... I didnt get the one pair of frames I wanted really badly because I was to wait 2 weeks I probably could have gotten it, I should have... ohhh well there is next time I really like my new frames they are alot smaller than the rectangular ones i got now and its a lot lighter of a color. I cant wait to get them maybe that will mean less headaches :)
Well I am gonna post my new pattern here in a bit

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TattingChic said...

Oh, how very cool! I want one of those scanner/copier/fax machines!!! That is really sweet of your husband to get that for you with his birthday money. Glad you are feeling better.